Quick sound effect used for the openings of the Unreal Engine 4 videos.
Background music for the UE4 - Environment video. Blends contextual sounds and leitmotifs associated with relevant characters and the particular space showcased.
Background music for the UE4 - Modular Assets video. Simple piano piece with most of the melody in time with the quick "cuts" present in the video.
Background music for the UE4 - Character Assets video. Alternates leitmotifs every cut as one of the two given character's weapons or equipment are shown.
Background music for the UE4 - Rendering Pipeline video. Similar to the Environment Part, but with a different tempo and more rapid arrangement due to the irregular timing of the Render Pipeline video's cuts.
Short ambient track for the "title wall" at the start of the exhibition's motion graphics reel.
Quick "jingle" that accompanies the title cards before each individual student's work. This variant was used for motion graphics that did not include audio.
For students with motion graphics that did include audio, a version of the title card theme without the lead pad instrument was used, and the audio from the student's video was blended into the title card.
An example of the "blending" mentioned above. "Voxpad Edit" uses the "Quiet Edit" theme combined with a short section of the ambient noise from the UE4 - Environment video to provide a more fluid transition between title card and the relevant video.
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